Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Bikini Open in Katipa - 2011

                This video was taken last Aug. 13, 2011 in the small village of Katipa. Katipa is one of the villages in the town of Lopez Jaena in the province of Misamis Occidental in the Philippines. This contest was presented in commemorative to the feast of Katipa which is celebrated every August 15th. This video shows the first ever bikini open in Katipa and it brought joy to the people living in the area and also to the neighboring villages that attended the event. The contest consist of a series of alluring and sexy candidates in there enticing swimwear attire. Each one of them walked onto the stage with there swimwear on and  do several poses.
                  The ladies who were judged as the winner or winners all received a sash, bouquet of flowers, and even a cash prize. Bikini open was just one of the variety shows that was conducted last fiesta celebration, they also have sports tournament like volleyball and basketball for women and men in the area. They also have there "Pasikatay sa Katipa" which  means "talent show" contest of katipa, that creates a way for all the talented people in the village to show off there amazing and hidden talents, with both youth and adults.

             They also held a fantasy parade during the fiesta celebration. Multiple homosexuals dress up with there fantasy attire and the selected queens in every zone wore gown's with there escort wearing formal sleeves joining the parade all around Katipa under the decorated arch.  Katipa like the Philippines is proud to embrace everyone in our community and this parade lets them enjoy in the festivities too.

             The people in Katipa and neighboring village were able to indulge themselves not only with the delicious  foods but also to the awesome and convivial entertainment during the yearly festival.Everyone is always so thankful to all the people who made there festival full of good times.

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