Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chikka iPhone App - Free text Messaging

                 One of the coolest gadget I ever had is my iPhone. I really love all the features that iphone has, I can email, i can chat, I can play a game, watch videos and not to mention the others. IPhone is just extremely amazing and very functional.
                   One of my most favorite iPhone app that I currently have right now is the Chikka app. Chikka is a site that lets you send free text messages to your family  in the Philippines. One of the hardest part for the Filipino living here in the States, is being away from there family back in the Philippines. For all the people it is really the hardest part, but we need to stay strong to survive from loneliness. I knew about chikka ever since  I am  in the Philippines. One time, I was playing in my iPhone and scan the different text messaging apps, I search Chikka and I am  really happy and excited when I saw it on the app store. 
            One of  the nice thing about chikka is that it is free to purchased.  Having Chikka on my iPhone,gives me free and easy access to communicate with my family in the Philippines. With chikka ,I can text with my family, anytime and anywhere I go and it makes me feel home and get in touch with them just like I did in the Philippines. Communication with family cheer  us up and make us feel less homesick.If you are a Filipino and you owned an iPhone scan it on your app store now.All you have to do is to register your Philippine phone number, add contacts and you can indulge yourself on free and unlimited texting opportunities. Why spent more on texting if you can do it for free.

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  1. how can I sign out an existing account in this app????? I uninstalled the app then re-installed it again but the same account is still signed in. I can't even find a log out or sing out button???? reply pls asap!