Friday, April 1, 2011

Hot nails with stickers

Hot Nails with sTickers

  Our hands and nails are always in display and our hands is always the one who do lots of handwork.That is why, it is always susceptible of dirts. Having a clean hands and nails will make you look more gorgeous and totally hot looking.One of the things that most of the women love is to get there nails done, like cleaning and putting nail polish.Getting our nails done is not a piece of cake especially when it is our first time doing it in our own, we need to be very extra careful especially when we cut our nails and if we will cut the dead skin or the cuticle on the base and side of our fingernails.To avoid hurting ourselves and to avoid infections.For all the women out there who wants to get some ideas on how to make there hands and nails more look good and fabulous.Stick on this blog post, and read the steps below, to get some of the ideas that would help you in acquiring the nail look that you were dying for.

things you need:

nail brush

oil or lotion
nail polish remover
cuticle remover
nail cutter
nail clippers
nail sticker
colored nail polish
cotton balls
clear nail polish


1. Cleaning your hands and nails. Wash your hands in warm water with soap. Grab a nail brush or clean toothbrush with a little soup to clean on and under part of your nails. Rub the soap in your wrist, between your fingers and around your nails.Then with a brush, brush your whole hands in a circular motion.  This will make your hands and nails look very clean and can help remove the dead skin in your hands. Putting nail polish in a dirty hands is useless.
2. Dry your hands.  Pat your hands with a clean towel or paper towel.
3. Massage your hands gently. Give your hands a little treat from hard days work. Gently massage your hands with either a massage oil, olive oil, yogurt, lemon juice, warm milk or a lotion. This will make your hands feel smooth, stress free and feel relax. Massage your hands until you are fully satisfied. Don't be rush on doing this, take your time:)... Wash or wipe your hands with a towel when you are done massaging it.
4.Put nail polish remover on your nails. If you  have an old nail polish color on your nails, use a nail polish remover, pour a small amount of nail polish into the cotton balls, and rub it in the nails  until the color will wipe-out.
5. Trim your nails. Using nail cutters or nail clippers, slowly trim your nails in the shape or on how short or long you want it to be. You might also want to use cuticle remover to soften your cuticle making it easy for you to get it out.Use a sharp nail clippers to get the dead skin or the cuticle on the base and side of your nails.You must be extra careful on doing this procedure, to prevent bleeding and not hurt yourself.
6.Pour a water with soup on your nails and brush it again, until you will not see any cut dead skin into it.
7. Paint your nails with a nail polish. Apply the first coat of nail polish in your fingernails, if you want a think color you can apply the second coat.
8. Get a nail stickers and put it in your nails before the nail color gets dry. Using a tweezer apply the nail stickers on your finger nails. Nail stickers make your nails look more sophisticated and unique.
9. Put clear nail polish. Putting a clear nail polish will be your last coat. After putting colored nail polish and stickers on your nails, make sure to put clear nail polish when it is a little dry, to keep the sticker on your nails in-order to protect the nail polish from chipping and to add shine.
10. Allow time for nail polish to dry.

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