Sunday, July 31, 2011

Garage Sale Flowers - Plastic Flower Arrangements

           Garage Sale Flowers -  Plastic Flower Arrangements 

           One of the fun things that my husband and I like to do during weekends aside from bass fishing is going to different garage sales,yard sale and estate sales. All the sales I've mentioned sale used goods and stuff in there house that they want to get rid of .

           In the sales like garage sale,yard sale and estate sale , you will find nice,unique and unwonted stuff.The price are affordable and very reasonable. I bought plenty of stuff from garage sales since I move here in the US, and one of the most pretty stuff that I purchased are the plastic flowers.  I bought three different kinds and   colors of plastic flowers like  purple,red and yellow and all of them are so pretty. I am very happy I decided to go for it and I am kinda off at the same time because I should have bought more because it really looks great. I spent $5 of all the plastic flowers which is a good deal. I put the flowers together in the green flower vase in our small  living room  and it turns out really amazing. I tied a pink ribbon on the vase, and it looks even more beautiful. I got the pink ribbon when i got a free stuff from estee lauder ;) Rather than just throwing the ribbon away I decided to just used it as an additional decoration on the vase. I had fun doing my flowers and I am so happy with the outcome of my flower arrangement;)

See the flower pictures below:


  1. Well done it is amazing what bargains you can find and the different ideas to use them.