Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Day

          Another year has passed, and in that year we all have encountered different   experiences. New Year is something we all look forward to, people are busy doing variety of things when it arrives. Some will prepare foods, organize parties, watch games and set up fireworks. Others just stay at their homes  and have little food to eat with their families.

           When New Year roll in people start to think of their list of New Year's Resolution and dive into the things that they did not fulfill yet. People have different intuition of what the New Year will be and some of it depends on every situation that we had face in the past year. We start to reminisce the things that we have accomplished in the past year and all the challenges that we've been through. For some people this New Year would be the year to correct there unhealthy way of living and become more productive in life, while others will try to continue the things that they started and progress.

      We all have variety of plans and ambitions that we like to establish but at the end of the day we can't decide our destiny. There is only one person, who will, and it is God and all we have to do is to live everyday like it’s our last and be thankful for whatever we had and will have.

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