Monday, August 1, 2011

Easy and Short Facebook Fun Codes / Icons

              I am a fan of Facebook website.Most of the day I am always on Facebook chatting with friends and made comments, uploading pictures and videos enjoying all of the basic features that Facebook have. As a person being away from family, Facebook is one of my way to keep in track and communicate with my friends and family in the Philippines and some part of US, Canada and many more. It is always a good thing to communicate with the person that is close to your heart, this will help us not to feel alone and lonesome. 
           Often times when I chatted with my friends on Facebook , in the middle of our conversation or at the end of the words they will sent  me some cute icons and I am kinda fascinated of it and it touch my curiosity on how they make those cute icons. I'm sure this happens not only to me but to everyone in the planet who uses Facebook too.
               As a Facebook person we also want to know on how to do and  sent some funny and unusual icons to our  friends on Facebook. Due to my deep curiosity about Facebook codes I did some research about how to sent some basic and funny icons on Facebook. This inspires me to come up with this blog idea. Nevertheless, in order to make your life easier and save your time to search for codes I write a compilation of  icons and there codes in this blog to help you and answer your inquisitiveness. This blog contains some of the basic,short and easy to sent Facebook icons. 

See codes below of some basic codes that will help you on your future Facebook chatting:
  •  <(")                   -  Penguin
  •  :3                       -   Cat face
  •  o:)                     -   Angel
  •   3:)                -  Devil,demon
  •  <3              -   A heart ,this is the  shortest way to say i love you to someone you love
  •  :|]               -  Robot
  • :putnam:       -  this is a face of a guy, Chris Putman
  •  (^^^)         -  A Shark
  •  :*               -   give someone a kiss
  • :P                 - tounge
  •  ^_^          - pleasant face
  • 8)             - Glasses
  • :D            - Smiley
  • :O       - surprise
  • :\        - worried
  • O.o     - blank face or confused
  • :V     - pacman
  • >:(        -  upset
  • :42:    - no. 42 in the red square box
  • :'(      - crying with tears
  • ;)   - wink
  • -_-    - squint
I hope this blog help you little and give you some ideas on how to make easy icons on Facebook.  Please check out my other blog post here on .. Thanks :)

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