Wednesday, August 17, 2011

San Francisco Pier 39 - Fun Day Trip


              San Francisco is one of the most visited country in the US. It has lots of beautiful scenery and cool places to go and hang-out. On my first trip to San Francisco we went to the place called pier 39. It has lots of different amusements and lots of different shops that sale variety of cool and fun items.The souvenir items are affordable and surely is a one stop shop to buy cool memorabilia for the tourist. If you are in Pier 39 don't hesitate to stop and eat in one of there restaurants, they serve delicious foods and good tasting sea foods and sea shells that will make you crave for more. 
            We eat at the Bubba Gump restaurant and ordered seafood,I really love the spot were we seated,because the Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate was just in our site it was very self-satisfying seeing beautiful scenery while we ate and there seafood platter were absolutely delicious it makes me feel so at ease to the food and just enjoy the unstoppable

          When you walk around Pier 39 you can see different entertainments not only for adults but also for kids most importantly. They also have different store that are selling foods,desserts and coffee on the area. Don't missed yourself to try there cute and sweet  sugary mini donuts. This donuts is definitely a taste of heaven. Serve yourself with there barrels and barrels of  candies with variety of  fruit flavors inside the Candy Barons store.  All you have to do is to get a bucket and pick the candy flavors that you wanted to buy. They also have fruit stand that sell variety of  fresh fruits in the area.
       Take a stroll at the coast relax yourself in the bench and feel the cold sea breeze blowing while watching the sea lions swimming and chillin' in the bay.Pier 39 is one of the busiest place to visit but its cleanliness is habitually well-maintained. I could say that Pier 29 is one of the  must see and fun place to visit  with your family and friends in San Francisco.

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