Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to get the Plate Stuck in a Pot the Easiest Way

        One night I accidentally dropped the plastic plate inside a pot. The pot was in the sink waiting to be washed, soaking some food that was stuck after cooking. I used a knife, crab meat picker, fork and other pointed and thin kitchen utensils to try and get the plate out. The plate happens to be the same circumference as the pot and I definitely can’t get the dish out and it seems as if it has been suctioned very tightly into the pot.

        I tried so hard to remove the plate manually and it made me very frustrated because I can’t still get the thing out and I don't want to break the plate neither the pot.  I spend hours and hours figuring out a solution even looked online and everyone just suggested using soap and water and so I decided to finish my other house chores. I left the pot in the sink and I filled it up with soap and water with the hope that the plastic plate will float or at least it will loosen up for a bit and wiggle free. I came back after a few minutes and still can't get the plate out. I pour the water out and leave the pot on the sink upside down overnight. Expecting that the plate will fell off the time I wake up in the morning. Morning comes, and nothing seems to be different. I bang the back of the pot and the sides, and shake it upside down, but still the plate doesn't want to come out. 

Finally I came up with the best and easiest idea, I filled the pot with water a little above the plate and I put it in the freezer and let it sit there until the water froze. After the water froze, I get the pot out, put it in the sink upside down and run it with hot water. After just a couple minutes the plate fell out unharmed. The weight of the ice and the pull of gravity bring the plate down. I am so happy that finally I resolved the problem and neither of the pot or the plate breaks.

       If you are having the same problem as mine don’t freak yourself out, try the solution on the yellow paragraph and it will be just a piece of cake for you. I hope this blog can help you get your favoite plate unstuck from your big metal pot. Good Luck!

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