Tuesday, May 22, 2012

American Idol Finale Performance Review- Jessica Sanchez and Philip Philips

The entire season has almost come to an end and this is what people have been waiting for all over the world.  The American Idol finale consist of the two best contestants of this years American Idol season. There are three rounds of the finale and each of the contestants will perform different songs in every round. Jessica Sanchez gets to sing first and in the first round she performed  "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston and Philip Philips performed "Stand by Me" by Ben E. King. At the end of the first round the judges were asked who they thought had the superior performance of the first round. Randy answered first and he picked Jessica Sanchez and both of the other judges agreed.

Second round of the finale the contestant performed there favorite song Jessica sang "The Prayer" by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli while Philip Philips sang "Movin Out" by Billy Joel. At the end of the second round judges were asked again for their opinion and they were split between who was best. Steven Tylor picked Jessica Sanchez and thinks that she did a really good job and was the best of the second round, just like what he thought in the previous round. Randy said that it was an even round between the two performers while Jennifer Lopez thinks that it was Philip Philips who got the second round.

Third round of the competition the two contestant sang their original songs. After Jessica Sanchez did her piece entitled "Change Nothing" the judges opinions did not quite like her performance, they feel that the song was just okay and they think that Jessica can do better and perform a song that fits her style. After Philip Philips performed his original song which entitled "Home" the judges give him a standing ovation and said that it was his best performance of the night and sang the song perfectly.

It's a tight game between both of the contestants. They both sang really well. They may have different types of music styles and selections, but they both did incredible performances in tonight's competition. Jessica Sanchez got the first round and Philip Philips got the favor on the third round. Its a battle of who will be the next American Idol and its all up in our hands the voting public.

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