Friday, June 10, 2011

Fishing Boats in the Philippines

              Philippines has lots of different beaches, that's why most of the people in the Philippines love fishing.For  the wealthy people they fish for fun, but for those people who are financially unfortunate they fish for living. Aside from Philippine Trike drivers and making pots and ceramics, some people also fish to support there family for food and financial stuff.
             The Boat in the Philippines has an outrigger in the opposite sides to keep the boat stabilize or balance when floating in the water.It has a pivot for easier turns in shifting right or left. Some boats has a waterproofed canvas to keep the fisherman dry.
             There are  two kinds of fishing boats that an ordinary fisherman used, the motorized and the non-motorized one.  Non-motorized boat is usually smaller than the motorized boat, and uses paddle in the day of entire fishing.This is usually used to get sea urchins,sea shells, and small fishes.Some fishermen in non-motorized boat usually swim and catch fish with the used of fishing arrows. The fisherman with motorized boat used paddle when in shallow water and travels faster and bigger when compared to non-motorized boat.Motorized boats can handle big waves non-motorized one. And has a big chance of catching larger fish. 

             Being a fisherman is not an easy task and they are putting there lives at risk even in bad weather to catch fish and earned money to supply there family needs.

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