Thursday, May 26, 2011

Philippine Trike- One Source of Transportation

In the Philippines, one of the vehicles that Filipino's use is the trike also known as a tricycle or a pedicab,it can also be called a sidecar. A Trike is a vehicle with three wheels, it is usually an ordinary 2 wheel motorcycle which has an added extra parts on the side with a wheel to add space for the passengers to sit and a roof to keep there heads dry.

Trike owners usually paint it with fun words and pictures, name of there kids(if they have children) and bible verses either on the front or back of there trikes. Other trike owner's add extra entertainment on it, by putting small mp3 players and speakers for music so that they can listen to there favorite music while traveling and this will also help to attract the passengers attention. This is one of the famous passenger vehicle in the Philippines, when it comes of transportation in near by towns or cities. This can also be used in transporting small types of businesses(pigs and fish vendors are just two examples of typical trike riders). There is no passenger limit in riding the trike, as long as you can hang-on tight on the sides or even sit on the roof, you are good to Go!;)making for some interesting sites of too many filipinos on a trike. This may sound crazy and dangerous but for the Filipino people riding the trike is fun and economical! And this is also one source of income to provide some of there family needs by owning and operating a trike. You can check out a bunch of pictures of Philippine Trikes at the link.

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