Friday, April 1, 2011

How to do a sExy Black dotted Nails

A seXy BlAcK DotTed Nails

        Most of the girls love to play with there nails.All girls love to put nail polish into it. Nail polish have variety of color selections, there are white,red,green,yellow, pink blue and black. In this blog, i am going to write about how to make a sexy black dotted nail look. Before, black nail polish, have  been used by the people who love emo and punk rock music.Nowadays this trend is changing, most of the people are using black nail polish, so it is not only for the rockers. Black is one of my favorite nail polish color, because it gives emphasis to our skin color which makes our skin stands out.
Doing a black dotted nails is very easy to do.
How to make it? Read below and it will tell you how..:)

Thing you need to have:

Black nail polish
Green,yellow and white nail polish
Clear nail polish


1.Prepare your nails. Your nails should be cleaned and free from any old nail polish color .

2. Put the first coat of the black nail polish on your nails and let it dry. Make sure that it is totally dry before you apply the three nail polish colors.

3. Put the yellow nail polish near the base of your nails forming a small circle. Don't worry if it is not a perfect circle, it doesn't matter;)

4.Then, put the green nail polish on the side of your nails just above the yellow polish. Still, in a circle or a dot form.

5. Lastly, put the white nail polish on the tip of you nails. Again, form a dot or a circle just like what you did on the 3rd and 4th steps.

6.Let it dry. 

7.Apply the clear nail polish.Make sure that it is totally dry, so that the colors will not spread in the other part of the nails.

8. Let it dry for a few minutes, before touching or doing something, to avoid contaminating and sabotaging the  nail design.

..... and that is how to make a sexy black dotted nails. Try to do it by yourself and see if you like it. Make your nails look sexy with the color of black. An easy procedure for a sophisticated and gorgeous nails.Make your nails more appealing now!! Have fun:)

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